Change Enablement

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary in Asia Pacific

Many things can be said about change. It’s difficult, constant, and chaotic. But despite all the sticky situations that anyone might need to go through to get to a new desired state, change can be both beautiful and rewarding. At the corporate level, there are proven processes and strategies to effectively adopt change. That’s why we built an entire enterprise about it! That’s what Change Enablement is all about. We gathered all the tools and knowledge you will ever need to make it lasting and impactful.

And this month, our enterprise is celebrating our fifth corporate birthday! There are so many people that we need to thank. Our team is grateful for all the warm support these change leaders have generously given us throughout the years. This is a milestone, and it would not be possible without those who learn, change, and lead with us at Change Enablement.

Learn about change management today

For those who are just learning about our enterprise now, Change Enablement Hong Kong is a training, coaching and advisory company. Please browse through our pages, and you might find a free resource or two that will help you in your change journey.

What makes Change Enablement different from other providers is that our company is backed by over 50 years combined experience from the founding directors and the rigor of a research-based change methodology. We equip employees across the board with the right mindset and skill set to effectively lead and adopt change in order to contribute to your organization’s success.

With our expertise and proven track record, Change Enablement has helped organizations of all sizes belonging to different industries and countries, to implement effective and sustainable change programs. Our change experts and trainers have worked in different industries for at least ten years. They are all highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. As a team, we share values of execution excellence, honesty and ethical standards.

Early Bird Promo

Driving successful change outcomes in Asia Pacific is our number one mission. By partnering with your organization, Change Enablement will deliver change initiatives that are designed for success, sustainable and rewarding. As a ‘Thank You Gift’ in celebration of our 5th anniversary, we are giving an Early Bird Promo on our next Prosci Workshop.

We hope you will take this opportunity to equip yourself or your team with world-class change management tools and strategies. Our team will be happy to hear from you soon.

Here’s to more years of leading people and change projects!